I am a marketing services broker, marketing consultant and freelance business development manager. Based in Brussels, working in the Benelux area.

Prior to running my own consultancy business I spent 13 years in marketing departments of multinational companies operating in FMCG and OTC businesses. I was working for a number of key brands in Belgium, Netherlands, France and Poland. Thanks to both local and regional assignments I gathered broad marketing experience at different levels.


My educational background is focused on marketing. Before earning a Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing with Chartered Institute of Marketing of London I earned my MS in the field of Marketing. 


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Why me?

Thorough experience in cooperation with agencies

I know how to cooperate with agencies, how to brief them effectively, monitor their work and assess their creative proposals. During my professional career I worked with the biggest communication agencies, packaging design agencies, digital marketing agencies and media houses.

Marketing and media agencies: Leo Burnett, DDB Worldwide, Grey, Red8, Starcom, MEC, Tribal, TheseDays, RAPP, Lothar Boehm, SiebertHead

I have working experience also with many smaller marketing agencies, excellent in terms of quality, lead by experienced creative people and executives. Those are generally very creative, by far more flexible and much more competitive regarding costs. This all creates serious competitive advantage which brings real value to client businesses.



Marketing experience in OTC and FMCG companies

I worked in marketing departments of multinationals companies like Unilever or Novartis as well as regional companies. I was responsible for a number of international and local brands.

Multinational companies: Unilever, Novartis. Brands: Knorr, Dove, Lipton, Otrivin, Voltaren, Theraflu

I have extensive experience in different types of marketing projects, both local and international. Those include: brand positioning, strategic planning, brand advertising (TV, radio, press, digital), media planning, market research, POS execution, packaging design, commercial innovation, product portfolio management, new product development.

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