7 reasons there’s no risk for Benelux businesses to hire a foreign agency

Some of my Benelux clients ask about credibility and risk related to hiring a foreign marketing agency. Here’s a short answer to the most frequent questions and concerns.

1. No obligation, no commitments to try, no upfront costs

There’s no commitment, so you can invite me to a tender and see ideas and proposals from my partner agencies.

There’s no upfront cost when inviting my agencies to tenders and pitches.

2. Confidentiality

To ensure all your confidential information is safe, you can require that we sign a standard NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).

3. Quality

I work only with top, award winning agencies, which already have credentials in working for clients locally and internationally.

4. Low costs

Marketing agencies labour costs are significantly lower in Central Europe. Eurostat reports them to be 45-70% lower than in the Netherlands and Belgium (source data: EC, Eurostat).

5. Personal, face-to-face contact

Unlike in a typical distant business relationship, I’m here on the ground in Benelux, ready for a face-to-face meeting when needed.

6. Supervision and advisory along the project

I do not “disappear” once you decide to work with an agency selected with my help. I always stay in the loop while an account manager takes over the day-to-day contact.

7. No charge from my side

I do not charge my Benelux clients directly. I get a commission for my services from my partner agencies in CE.

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