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Connect with top marketing agencies from Central Europe specifically selected to match your project need.

This cooperation has twofold benefits for you: it helps to challenge the status quo with innovative ideas coming from new agency teams while significantly optimizing your marketing spending.

The need

Why would you reach out to a new agency?


  • Not happy with your current agency?
  • Starting to get same old ideas?
  • The agency team changed and they're not as good as they used to be?
  • Communication issues with the agency?
  • Or basically you have this feeling you pay too much?


All these are the typical situations where I might be helpful.

The scope

What type of projects I may help you with?

  • POS materials (design, production)
  • Digital communication (integrated social media campaigns, SEA, SEO, mobile app, e-commerce)
  • Packaging design
  • Video production


Is this all possible with one agency? – No. I work with a selection of top agencies, each being specialized in its field.


Have another need? Please contact me so we can discuss your particular project. 

The advantage

What are the benefits for you?


The biggest benefit is the opportunity to try new approach, try fresh ideas, try sth different.

And ... what is also important: there's a very good chance you’d get it cheaper than you used to.


I work with dynamic, award winning agencies from Central Europe. That's why there's a significant cost advantage coming from lower operational costs and lower taxes.


Unlike in a typical distant business relationship, you may always count on a face-to-face contact with me.



The process - how it works?

The process - how does it work?

I serve as an interface between the client and the agency. Playing the roles of business development, strategic planning and consultancy.

You can benefit from my services in the following areas: digital, packaging design, POS materials, video and animation production. Learn more - project examples.

I take care of the whole process starting from preparing a clear and sharp brief with you, then recommending the right agency and leading the whole process with the agency to deliver outstanding results for your business.


Who are my clients?

My clients are marketing teams from Benelux who seek new approach, fresh ideas and at the same time marketing cost reduction. I work both for large companies as well as for marketing departments of medium/small businessesI also help non-profit organizations in their communication efforts.


Delivering services for many clients and brands internationally. Click to see more.

Delivering marketing services, POSM, digital on-line marketing for many clients and brands internationally.

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