Having broad marketing experience in OTC and FMCG sectors in different EU countries allows me to support marketing teams as a consultant. I may contribute to your business in various ways. That includes both advisory jobs as well as taking the whole projects.

Supporting your business with consultancy in the following marketing areas:

·         strategic marketing planning

brand strategic road maps, brand plans

·         market research

defining market research needs, agency selection and briefing market research agency, follow up

·         marketing analytics

·         branding

·         packaging design

·         advertising process

advertising brief preparation, agency selection and briefing, feedback and follow up; different media types incl. TV production, print, radio, digital; assessing creative proposals, evaluating and giving direction to agencies

·         commercial innovation

developing non-product innovation with new claims, packaging and promotional approaches to grow existing offerings

·         claims

development of new marketing claims to gain competitive advantage

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